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Advantages of MEDImarket


Are you sure that you are detecting all the notices of a competitive public tender related to your field of activity?
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MEDImarket is an original and efficient tool for detecting public contract notices dedicated to suppliers and research centres in the health sector.
Indeed, MEDImarket selects public tender announcements with an unprecedented and unique method not based solely on keywords, thus enabling an extreme accuracy in the detection and selection of public tendering announcements.
MEDImarket is specialised in the detection of public tenders in the health sector for more than 20 years in France. We therefore know perfectly the habits, the language, the terms used by the contracting authorities of this sector. All of this allows us to ensure an unparalleled completeness in the monitoring of tender advertisements.

MEDImarket offers 3 types of services:

1 - Monitoring and detection of tender notices specialised for more than 25 years in the monitoring of procurement notices in the healthcare sector in France; MEDImarket offers Medical Devices / IVD’s suppliers along with pharmaceutical laboratories a personalised and unique service in tender notices selection whose relevance and precision has proved itself in comparison with conventional systems based solely on keywords.

Main services we are proposing Free training to learn the basics on the platform and how to use it; Monitoring of the public procurement market in the Health and Pharmaceuticals sector (new presentation and additional functions for displaying public tendering announcements); Easy retrieval of tender documents with automatic notifications of the file updates; Improved application automation (DC1, DC2, DUME, ATTRI1, NOTI1 forms) with signature management; Creation of a data library that allows you to group all your generic documents (EC / ISO certificates, documentation, rates, banking information ...) which is organised into folders and subfolders according to your own criteria; Direct access to the concerned dematerialisation platform with integrated management of your credentials... Provision of corresponding award notice (when there is one)

2 - Assistance in the preparation of tenders: MEDImarket can take care of: Creation of a public tender from A to Z (apart from defining the prices and the information of the specific technical questionnaires that remain the responsibility of the supplier); Sending, in dematerialised form, the responses to the tenders on the behalf of the supplier.

3 - Market research / sourcing: MEDImarket carries out market research - health products - by analysing more than 55566 tender files from our database in order to allow a supplier or a research centre to: gain a foothold on a new sector by studying the purchasing habits, flows generated... by the buyers in the health sector; determine a sales strategy based on concrete and real elements of the market ...

As you can see, MEDImarket is unique in its original way of processing information; biomedical engineers that validate the classification of public tendering announcements allow us to better meet your expectations, MEDImarket allows you to save precious time by freeing you from the constraint of sorting induced by the systems using only keywords as criterion of selection. You will only receive tenders that concern you.

As official rebroadcasters of the BOAMP (The Official Gazette of Public Contracts Announcements in France), we analyse more than forty sources of information, general or specific to the field of health (Internet ...). With MEDImarket, you optimise your resources (time, means); you concentrate on the analysis of tender documents and making offers while following several publications daily.

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