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Market research, healthcare products and services :

MEDImarket carries out market surveys on all the healthcare products and services by analysing the tender documents from our data base of over 57664 references in order to allow a supplier or a research centre for example to:
Gain a foothold in a new sector by studying buying patterns, generated flows… by buyers from the health sector Determine a sales strategy based on the real requirements of the market on concrete and real market elements

Our studies are carried following the 57664 tender documents that we have for all tenders issued since January 2011.

This database is fed daily as a result of our day-to-day monitoring and detection of notices of competitive public tenders that we perform on behalf of healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies.

All tender documents are analysed and classified according to the medical devices, pharmaceutical products or services they concern.

For example, files relating to:

Medicinal products: 1424 tender documents Laboratory reagents: 1215 tender documents Haematology analysers: 115 tender documents Probes/surgical tips/tubes: 1780 tender documents Ultrasound equipments: 416 tender documents MRI scanners: 71 tender documents Vital data monitoring devices: 497 tender documents Operating tables: 212 tender documents Medical ventilators: 480 tender documents ..... But also: Medical supplies (pedestal tables…): 329 tender documents Medicinal products packaging machines: 108 tender documents Steam sterilisers (autoclaves): 268 tender documents ..... And more: Unit care/patient records management softwares (EMR): 131 tender documents Textile items: 121 tender documents Competitive tenders for hospitals projects: 358 tender documents Laundry equipments: 225 tender documents Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)/medical alarms: 37 tender documents Energy optimisation: 125 tender documents .....

Competencies: All our market studies are carried out by health professionals supervised by a senior biomedical engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the field of hospital purchases.

The various phases of our market research are:

  • 1. Definition of the demand
  • 2. Design of the research plan
  • 3. Information gathering
  • 4. Analysis of the results
  • 5. Presentation of the results

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